Day 37 - $1,185

Ok... I'm headed to Disney World soon, and have been racking my brain to figure out ways I can promote Give One Million there. Anyone have an idea??? Please let me know ASAP if you do.

I've already thought about wearing a T-shirt with the website... etc... on it. But I'm still working on the design for the official Give One Million for St. Jude T-shirts, so I don't have them yet (they are coming out soon though!!!! I'm working with a graphic designer on the concept - and we almost have it narrowed down! So keep checking back!) and I went to Hobby Lobby tonight to buy a shirt and some Iron on letters to make something - but I didn't want to wear some tacky looking shirt around Disney... So I decided against that (for the time being... I may go back tomorrow.) I plan to carry my flyers/business card - and hand those out to whoever I can strike up a conversation with... But that's about the extent of what I have come up with. I need your help! Ideas please. And by the way... if you are here reading this right now - please donate - please tell everyone you know to follow this blog - and follow me on facebook and twitter - and I really need some people to step up and start organizing a fundraiser in their community. We only have 11 months left!

And last thought... It's about the donate part - It can be any amount! Any little bit helps. I have some friends that have already donated that literally have no money. I think most of us can spare ten bucks!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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