Day 126 - $5,029

Here it is! I finally made the video for the Sonic fundraiser we had last month. I hope you like it.

I've been busy trying to get this bowling event together. I know I keep saying this - but I'll be making an official post on that soon. But I'm up to 5 sponsors now! So I think I may actually pull if off. I'll have LOTS of cool prizes and items for the raffle and silent auction. So if you are in the KC area - this is a must attend event!

If you're in Idaho Falls - don't forget about the Give One Million garage sale on Saturday! Make sure you stop by and show your support while you pick up some cool items.

It will be at 492 Logan Drive, Idaho Falls, ID - That's on the corner of Logan Dr. and John Adams Pkwy.

Everyone!! We only have a couple more days to reach 460 fans on facebook! Please help me reach that goal if you can. Invite all your friends to follow GOM on facebook.

Now... moving along... Month 4 is over. Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal of $4,800 for month 4 :(

I'm not very happy about that. I can't tell you how much I was racking my brain, trying to figure out a way to get the donations we needed for month 4 - but I just couldn't figure it out. But the past is the past. Not much I can do about it now - except make up for it in month 5. So that's exactly what we'll do. But, as always - I'll need help. The garage sale in I.F. is on the 31st, the 5k in Provo is on Aug 7. The bowling event is on Aug 21st. So we have a couple events set up already.

Is there something you can organize and do in month 5 to help?

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Day 121 - $5,006

Today was the Blue Springs GOM Garage Sale - and we earned $231.10! I tried to get more people involved so we would have lot's of items to sell, but that didn't work out - so it was basically just the Feldmans selling our stuff. I need a new wardrobe anyway :) I'm not donating it yet though. As you remember, I'm putting together the big bowling event here in Blue Springs on Aug 21st. Well, I've been going from business to business trying to get sponsors. (it's going to take quite a bit of $$$ to rent the bowling alley) So far I have two for sure. Drum roll please...

Cricket Wireless (Blue Springs)


Bella Capelli Salon

That's the good news. A big thanks to them for sponsoring Give One Million!

Well... the bad news is I need about ten more sponsors for the event. That brings me back to the garage sale I had today. I'm going to keep working to get sponsors for the bowling event - if I can't get enough, I will use the garage sale money to help sponsor the event. That's the plan.

I'm still doing the big Facebook push. I'm trying to get one million fans on facebook. That way everyone can donate just one dollar and we reach our goal. Well this month, I set an intermediate goal of doubling our fans on Facebook. We need 460 by July 31st. We are at 269 right now. So if you aren't following GOM on Facebook yet - what are you waiting for??? click on the Facebook icon on the right, and then invite all your friends to "like" the page as well.

Last, do you have a blog? or a google account? FOLLOW THIS BLOG! Put a button on your blog or website. We NEED to get the word out! Or I guess I should say I NEED YOUR HELP getting the word out.

And Last, Last... Donate! There were some neighborhood kids that were helping us out at the garage sale today. One of them (11 years old I believe) donated $2 that he had. (FYI - We don't live in the richest neighborhood. I'll just say that comparatively speaking, this kid isn't really in the best position to just be giving away money.) This is what he said, " I feel good now. I donated to help the sick kids. Even if it was only two dollars." And I told him, "Two dollars is awesome bud! What really matters is that you gave up what you had to help someone else. There are a lot of people out there that have WAY MORE money than you do, that haven't even donated two dollars - so you should be very proud of that two dollar donation!"

Today is the last day for month 4. Only 8 more months to go folks. Unless someone makes a $4,500 donation tonight, I'm affraid we aren't going to make our month 4 goal. :( I guess we'll just have to make up for it next month! Month 5 here we come!!!

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Day 119 - $5,006

We just passed $5,000!!! Sorry to put you guys on the spot, and I hope you don't mind... but Sam and Shannon - You guys are awesome! Thanks for your support.

Tomorrow I am going to get ready for the Garage Sale. And then I'll be up bright and early for the Garage Sale on Saturday. If you are in the KC area - be sure to stop buy and pick up some cool stuff, or just to get a Give One Million T-shirt! That will be worth the trip right there! It will be right behind the Blue Springs South Library on south route 7. See everyone Saturday.

Oh... and if you have anything to add to the garage sale - it's not too late. Just shoot me an email and we can figure out how to get it over here before Saturday.

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Day 118 - $4,906

A couple donations came in... From my Auntie's yard sale we got $19 in donations, and from the donation can at the paramount 5 in Rexburg, Idaho we collected $50! Not too bad! Thanks everyone for your help.

So I've been out pounding the pavement trying to get sponsors for the bowling event coming up here in Blue Springs. (Don't worry, I'll make the official announcement about it when I have the flyers. It's going down on August 21st, so we have some time. I've been pretty much going out every lunch break and asking businesses to sponsor the event, and then I hit some businesses for about an hour or so after work... until everyone starts closing down. So far I have 3 sponsors. I would like to have about 10 or more... so wish me luck when I'm talking to everyone. I'm having the garage sale here in Blue Springs on Saturday. I hope to raise a few hundred dollars from that. I was hoping to donate that all toward the goal - but, depending on how willing people are to help me sponsor the bowling event - i may have to use my garage sale money as seed money to get this bowling event up and running.

I'm still working this harder than ever. Even though the donations have slowed these last couple weeks - I'm still going strong. Everyone stay with me. We can do this!!!!

If you're here for the first time - don't leave without donating! It only takes 30 seconds, and it doesn't matter how much you donate. It can be one dollar for all I care. Just that fact that you are showing your support for Give One Million is what matters! And then tell everyone you know!

Talk Soon,


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Day 114 - $4,837

Another Give One Million Garage Sale! Thanks guys! I'm having a garage sale next Saturday here in Blue Springs. So if you're in the area stop by to support a great cause! Does anyone else want to have a Give One Million garage sale??? Next Saturday would be great - because we have a long way to go to reach our month four goal of $4,800. Come on! Just do it!!!!

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Day 112 - $4,837

About eight months ago I killed a thief at the Goodwill store.

Let me explain...

When we moved to Missouri we packed up all our belongings and put them in storage. We then flew to Kansas City and stayed in temporary housing for a couple months while we looked for a house. We finally found a place to stay and said goodbye to the temp housing. We were downsizing from our house in Utah to a townhouse - so we had to make some decisions. One of which was, "Do we really want to keep these big, bulky, old TVs???" We thought long and hard - and in the interest of saving money by cutting out the cable bill (and the purchase of a new TV - because ours were pieces of crap!), we decided we could live without TV. Looking back - that was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

When I dropped those TVs off at the Goodwill store, the thief that was stealing all my time was no more! You'd be surprised how much of your time the TV steals. It wasn't until I didn't have one - that I realized how much "extra" time I had. Without the TV crutch to fall back on - I had to find other things to fill my time. I live right next to a library... I started reading more. I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book called "How to draw dragons and other mystical creatures", (You don't need to say it :) I already know I'm a nerd.) and a notepad, and started resuscitating my art skills. Suddenly my wife and I had time to work out. Weird huh!

With my life back in my control - It was only a matter of months before the idea of Give One Million for St. Jude was born.

I really think getting rid of TV played a major part in opening the door for Give One Million to begin. If I still had TV, I'd probably be watching Jay Leno right now instead of writing this post. Imagine what you could do without a TV in your life... Just a thought.

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Day 109 - $4,837

OK - Here's a little teaser. August 21 will be the Give One Million Cosmic Bowling Bash!!! It will be here in Blue Springs. More details to come. I've been trying to find sponsors for a couple weeks now, and it's a little harder than I thought it would be. Does anyone know a business that would like to be a $100 dollar sponsor for the event? (I'll need as many sponsors as possible. The more sponsors - the more lanes we can reserve.) Let me know.

I'm doing a big Facebook push right now. Can we get to 460 fans on Facebook by July 31st? That's what I'm trying to do. Just think... if we can get 1,000,000 fans on Facebook - it just takes one dollar from each person.

So I'm going to be honest. I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to reach my month 4 goal of $4,800. Doubling each month is going to start getting harder and harder. I'm going to need more and more help. We're about to the point where Give One Million has to go beyond me. I can only do so much on my own. I need someone - anyone - (actually a lot of someones) to step up and really help me get the word out and/or organize Give One Million for St. Jude fundraisers. And I need it soon.

A big thanks to Run Fearless for doing just that. Caleb is organizing the barefoot 5k in Provo, UT -and all the proceeds will be donated to Give One Million for St. Jude. I haven't had to do anything, except ask him to help. Thanks Caleb. You da Man!

P.S. If you're reading this - don't forget to donate. We're so close to $5,000!

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Day 108 - $4,837

Back in Missouri. I have to go back to work tomorrow. It was nice being able to focus on Give One Million without having work get in the way... No offense intended to any co-workers that may be reading this :)

I think We did some great things while we were in Idaho. I spent some quality time with both my mom and Melissa hitting up businesses in Idaho Falls. I made some good contacts, and hopefully some things work out from the visit. It's good to be back though. It's a lot easier to work from home base, and now I can really buckle down and start getting some of the upcoming events organized, and work on some of the hundreds of projects/things I have on my to do list.

Let's talk Facebook for a minute. I'm trying to get 460 fans by July 31. It's a big goal, but I sure hope I can make it. I really think Facebook is going to be a major key to our success with Give One Million. So what I'm trying to say is PLEASE help me by telling all your friends to check GOM out on Facebook - and become a fan!!!

So I haven't received any emails or news on the envelopes I gave out. Remember those?? I guess everything I try won't work. I knew I'd have some ideas fail, and I think I'm going to have to chalk up the envelopes in that category. That's OK though. Didn't Thomas Edison fail like 1,000 times (or something like that) before he finally invented the light bulb? I just have to learn , and keep moving forward.

As soon as I can get my computer fixed I'll be posting some video. That's one of the things on my to do list. for now, number one on the to do list is hit the sack.

Talk Soon,


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Day 104 - $4,812

Hey everyone! I didn't forget about you. I'm writing from the beautiful state of Idaho! The gem state :) It's good to be home! (for those of you that don't know - this is where I grew up.) There's something about Idaho that's good for your soul. The fresh air... the open space... It doesn't get better. So anyway... with the two day drive here - plus the 4th of July holiday - it's been a little crazy. I've still been hitting Give One Million as hard as possible. I made my car a traveling billboard for the trip :)

The whole fam wore GOM T-shirts to the Parade. I didn't get a picture - and nobody really asked about it... But we did it. We're doing everything we can. Ma Feldman and I spent the afternoon visiting businesses here in Idaho Falls to see if they can support Give One Million. We had some success.

So what I'm trying to say is we have more things in the works - but don't forget I still need lots of support and help. Just a few reminders... I know this may seem old for those of you that have been following GOM for a while - but hang with me while I catch the newcomers up to speed... Add a button to your blog! There is a button to the side that will walk you through the process. Become a fan on Facebook, and then invite all your friends to become fans. We are trying to reach one million fans on Facebook. If we can do that, all it takes is a small donation from each person and Bada-BOOM! We're there! Follow this blog.... You know you want to. Email your friends and family for me, and email local business in your area for me. And last, help me by organizing an event in your city! I need some friends to really step it up and help me out in that area. I think that covers most of it. Like I said - there are a lot more things in the works, so stay tuned.

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