Day 219 - $10,283

We have some big news!!! We just crossed the $10,000 mark! With the donations from the Potato sale we had in Idaho last weekend, and some other donations from potato sales in Utah, and some other donations from great people, we are now into 5 digits!

I'm working on a video from the Halloween party... in the mean time here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Everyone had a great time. Unfortunately we didn't have too many people show up. But I guess everything we do can't be a home run :( However, our volunteers from Kohl's came - so that means Kohl's will be donating $500! So the grand total for the night was $583.

What do you think about my Joker Costume?

The big bad wolf (grandma) and Little Red Riding Hood won the costume contest. J, our little mummy, got runner up. And our tiny cupcake got 3rd place.

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Day 216 - $8,362

The Halloween party is TODAY!!! I hope everyone can make it! If you don't live close by... We'll take some pics and video for you... Can you guess who I'll be dressed as???

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Day 215 - $8,262

Here's the interview I did with Jeff from the Jeff & Josh Show on 96.1 The Bull.

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Day 213 - $8,192

So yesterday was a big day! We were here in Blue Springs at the local Hy-Vee collecting donations. We raised a total of $96.69! Not bad right? Well while we were here in Missouri raising money - we had a great team of Give One Millionaires in Idaho selling Spuds! We are still finalizing the count - but it looks like they earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $1600+ Great job everyone! And thanks to everyone that came out and bought bags of potatoes.

We still have potatoes left, so if you are in Idaho and want to buys some russets, just shoot me an email, and I'll let you know where to pick them up.

ALSO!!!! You can now buy potatoes if you are in Utah too! My sis-in-law/bro-in-law/nieces/nephew are selling potatoes for us in Orem, UT. So if you are in the SLC/Provo UT area, let me know. I have a bag of spuds with your name on it!

Remember... $10 from each bag goes to St. Jude, and toward our goal of one million dollars in one year for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I'll tell you right now, there's not a better way to get ready for Thanksgiving and support a great cause at the same time. I'm just sayin...

Me and J chillin at the GOM booth at Hy-Vee

Tiny came by to help us out too. (J was pulling out the "Blue Steel" look and the donations came in left and right!!!)

J manning the booth. Just like his old man.

Josh from 96.1 FM The Bull was broadcasting live from the potato sale in IF. Scarfing down one of the delicious baked potatoes we were selling. (We earned around $275 from those.)

Here's some pics of (part of) our team that helped sell potatoes. I'm pretty sure if you google image AWESOME you'll find these pictures, but I thought I'd post them for you anyway - just to save you some time.

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Day 211 - $8,076

Tomorrow's a big day! We have the potato sale in Idaho. See below for all the details on that. And I will be at The Hy-Vee here in Blue Springs on the corner of Hwy 40 and Route 7. I think we will be able to break $10,000 tomorrow!!! Oh yea... I also got news that my employer, ATK, will be donating $1,000!!!!! Is that awesome or what! I won't get it until next week though.

I've been going around getting gifts for the Halloween party on the 28th. I have a lot of cool prizes. I think were going to have a great time. Hopefully everyone can make it.

And last: If you have a FB account - can you please invite all your friends to like us on Facebook? Please? Just think... if we have 1,000,000 fans, it only takes one dollar from each person! So that's one little way you can help make a difference: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

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Day 208 - $8,076




Ok. So we're teaming up with 96.1 The Bull for a huge potato sale on Saturday and here's all the details.

We will be selling 50 lb bags of freshly harvested Idaho potatoes for $20 from 9 AM - 3 PM at 8 different South East Idaho locations. This will be a great opportunity to get some fresh potatoes in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas - and support Give One Million for St. Jude!!! $10 from each bag will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and be included in our goal to reach one million dollars in one year. So without further delay here are the locations:

1. Ammon Farmers Market. (Parking lot in front of Best Buy) - Idaho Falls
At this location we will be selling we will not only be selling potatoes, but we will also have a potato bar... Fresh Idaho potatoes with lots of toppings!!! Also, 96.1 The Bull will be broadcasting live from this location!!!

2. Hallpark Shopping Center. (On the corner of 17th St and Woodruff) - Idaho Falls

3. Cedric's Resaurant/1260 West Broadway. (Near the Broadway freeway entrance) - Idaho Falls

4. Outfitter's Truck and RV/1580 E. Lincoln Rd. (Near the corner of Lincoln and Woodruff) - Idaho Falls

5. Sunrise Cleaning and Resoration/2285 N. Yellowstone (Next to Sam's Autobody) - Idaho Falls

6. Rancho Grande Taco Bus/371 W. 4th St. - Rexburg

7. Ying Yang's/155 Main St. Mall (Next to Zions Bank) - Rexburg

8. The lot on Main St. across from City Hall - Rexburg

So there you have it... all the locations where you can come THIS SATURDAY to buy potatoes for a good cause. I hope you can all stop by. We'll see you there!!!!!

Also, a big thanks to our other sponsors that helped us put this event on:

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Day 207 - $8,076

We are over $8K!!! So like I've said before, we have a great team of people in Idaho lead by my Mom and Lex. (See picture above Lex on left, Mom on right.) They set up a booth at the "What Today's Women Want Expo" in Idaho Falls. That combined with the bake sales They've had, have put us over $8,000 mark.
We are also gearing up for the big potato sale this weekend. I will have more details on the locations hopefully tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but I'm trying to make this quick so I can hit the sack... I'm seriously beat.

Oh yea... I also sent out the Facebook invites for our halloween party here in KC on the 28th. I hope everyone can make it!

Oh yea... Don't forget to invite all your friends to become a fan on Facebook.

Oh yea... DONATE!! :)

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Day 204 - $7,691

This is going to be a busy couple weeks. The crew in Idaho is kickin butt and taking names. They have bake sales, they're setting up booths at events, they're organizing a huge potato sale, and lots more! Great job guys!

I'll be keeping things real here in Blue Springs as well. We'll be at the Hy-Vee here in BS on the 23rd. The same day as the potato sale in Idaho. I'm getting ready for the Halloween party too! That's going to be a blast for everyone. It's at B&D Skating Rink in Independence by the way. We got news that Kohl's is going to be helping us by volunteering at our Halloween party! Since there is going to be 5 of them there, Kohl's is going to donate $500 to GOM!!! Aaaaaahhhh yeeeaaaaaa!

St. Jude has been reaching out to help as well. I gotta give a shout out to Shaun Martin for hooking me up with St. Jude banners and posters. That's not all though. He'll be helping me as I organize the rest of our events. With their help, I think we'll be able to organize some big events.

So, I'm thinking we could possible break $8,000 this weekend! I know that's nowhere near $1M, but you have to admit... that's still pretty impressive. We can make $1M though... if You donate. Yes, You! Someone else isn't going to do it. If everyone thinks, "Oh... someone else will donate.", then we won't make the goal. But if we each make this personal - and take "making a difference" into our own hands, we will reach our goal. So click on the donate button, and let's do this!!

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Day 200 - $7,428

Well, today is day 200. We've come a long way, and we still have a long way to go. 165 days to be exact. Welcome to everyone who is joining with us. We can definately use your help. I know it seems like we may not be close to our goal, but just remember - all it takes is one big break, and it could be a whole new ball game.

Remember the small things. Every day I send emails. I hand out flyers. I suggest the GOM FB page to my friends. I post links to the GOM website on the internet. etc. etc. If you want to help... it doesn't have to be huge. It can be small. It's actually better for a bunch of people to do something small than it is to have a few people do something huge. So if you can. Do something small today to support Give One Million.

Donate $5

Email a friend

Post about GOM on FB.

Just do something to help today not tomorrow.

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Day 199 - $7,428

Poppy Seed Bread
Chocolate Cake
Rhubarb Crisp
Raspberry Bars


And everyone at the Farmer's Market in Idaho Falls thought so too. A huge thanks to Ma & Pa Feldman and Hohoa Southwick for having a bake sale. They earned $290.50 for Give One Million for St. Jude. Great Job!

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Day 197 - $7,137

We are $30 closer to our goal thanks to the donations today! Thank You!!

So I was crunching some numbers tonight...

When you take our total amount raised so far and divide it by the number of days we've been doing Give One Million we are averaging $36.23 per day raised for St. Jude.

Not too bad.

If we continue at that pace... We will raise an additional $6,036 for a total of $13, 223. Not even close to our goal, but still very admirable. That would be $13,223 the kids of St. Jude didn't have before we started this whole thing.

Well, in order to meet the goal of one million dollars we need to raise $992,863 over the next 168 days. That averages out to $5,909.90 per day.


Piece of cake!! :)

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Day 193 - $7,107

Well we broke 600 fans on Facebook! Good job everyone. Just remember to keep inviting your friends to like the GOM Facebook page. If we get one million fans it only takes one dollar from each person to reach our goal! We're well past 7k now thanks to some donations (Thanks to some great friends!) and Bike Night here in Blue Springs! October is going to be a big month. We have a lot planned. The potato sale should be huge, and I'm going to be sending out invitations to the Halloween party soon too. I just have to take care of a few things first.

I just received my event coordinator package from St. Jude too. I've been in working with my contact there to get their help on upcoming events. There are a lot of cool things in the package, and I plan to use them when planning the next events.

OK. So now that we're over half way to the year mark, we really need some volunteers to put in some time coordinating events. I get great ideas from people all the time, and wish I could get around to doing all of them... but I just don't have the time. I can only focus on so many things at once. That's where I need you to come in. I need you to plan and coordinate the event where you live. If we can get event coordinators all across the country/world, that's how we'll reach the goal. So I need some volunteers. Who can plan and hold a Give One Million fundraising event?

BTW... if you can donate 5 bucks today... DO IT!

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