Day 68 - $1,831

OK... So I promised that this blog would document my experience as I try to reach one million dollars in one year for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. right...

Well, I knew this would come sooner or later, and I'm sure there will be more of these days to come - but I guess today was my first "discouraging" day. (I'm sorry if you are just finding out about Give One Million, and this is the first post you are reading... I'm usually very positive - I promise - But I said I would let everyone know how things are going... good or bad. So that's what I'm going to do.)

First... many people have helped so much so far, and given a lot. And for that I am VERY thankful! So, please don't take that post to mean I don't appreciate everything everyone has done so far!!! OK.. now that I said that - let me vent a little.

I think we are well on our way to making our goal of one million dollars - but I guess I thought in my mind that 2+ months into this, I would have a few more people backing Give One Million and/or donating. I thought there would be a few people out there willing to run with me on this. I mean... I'm talking to people nearly every day about Give One Million. I explain what I'm doing, where the money is going, and who it's helping - and 99% of the people seem to pretty much ignore me. I ask people to donate 5 or 10 dollars, and you'd think I just asked them to give up their firstborn child. I was a missionary for 2 years - so trust me - I know rejection... but for some reason, I didn't think "give up a lunch out and send the 5 bucks to help a kid with cancer" would be that hard of a sale... I think I was wrong. It's pretty hard.

I know you are getting hit up all the time to give money to someone. I'm in the same boat. So that means I know all the excuses. But if you think about it... We aren't getting hit up that much. And even if you did donate 5-10 dollars every time someone asked for a donation - would it really break your bank that much??? I know for me it wouldn't, and I'm guessing that 90% of the people reading this blog are just as well off, if not better off than I am. I'm a few hundred dollars into this - and not to mention coming up on about 500 hours of time invested (yes - I did say 500 hours... this is like my second full time job - just ask my wife), and do I have a few hundred dollars just to give away... No. But I am giving it - because I think it's important to give, when I've been blessed with so much. All I'm saying, is doing Give One Million has really opened my eyes to the fact that I need to be more giving and generous when people are asking for my donations. I definitely think twice now before I just say no (or ignore them).

Back when I was in college, I had a friend from Hawaii. We were sitting in the computer lab one day, and he said he was going to grab something to eat. I didn't think much of it - and just keep working. When he came back, he had not only bought himself a lunch, but bought something for me as well. He didn't have any more money than I did, (we were very poor college students) but he bought me lunch. It wasn't much, but I was sort of caught off guard. Later that day we were having a discussion about something, I don't remember what - and that topic of giving came up. He told me that where he grew up in Hawaii, everyone gave everything they had. EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH FOR THEMSELVES! Then he told me that it worked out though, because everyone gave, So if he gave away his only food to a friend who needed it - he would be fine, because someone else would give to him. Then he told me something, that I'll never forget. He said he was surprised when he came to the continental US that it didn't work that way. He said he had to consciously think to stop giving so much, because when he first got here he would give, give, give, and buy stuff for everyone - expecting others would be the same way... and before he knew it he was broke as a joke, and nobody would share with him... I think about that conversation with him often... it's too bad we can't more like those people in Hawaii.

OK, sorry if I was ranting. I just wanted to let you know how it's going. Don't worry Mom - I'm OK - I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up in the least. In fact, it's days like these that make me even more committed to telling everyone about Give One Million.

Sorry if this was a little bit of a guilt trip - but I just had to get it out... So I'll keep on keepin on: If you are reading this right now DONATE for crying out loud! Tell all your friends. I know you may not be as passionate about reaching this goal as I am... but I'm just asking for a little bit of help.... Just a little. And if I can get you to pry open your wallet for a measly 5 buck to help a child that is fighting cancer... well, like I tell my son nearly every day: I should only have to ask once!

Talk Soon,


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Day 66 - $1,831

I spent today working on flyers, T-shirts, and spreading the word about Give One Million for St. Jude. Office Depot here in Blue Springs is awesome! There are going to help me print as many fyers as needed for free! That will be a great way to get the word out. Let me know if you need flyers. I can either send you some, or send you a template to print your own.

T-shirts are coming along great as well. My Aunt has been really helping out in that department - and we should have some T-shirts for everyone to buy soon (proceeds going to Give One Million for St. Jude)! Here is a preview of what I think they will end up looking like - The first batch anyway...

OK folks...

It's already been over two months. It's going great - but we have so far to go! We need to spread the word! Can you help me by sending emails to your friends and family? Can you send an email to your local newspaper, radio station, or TV station? Can you invite your friends on Facebook to follow Give One Million? Can you hand out some flyers on a Saturday? Can you add a button to your blog? Please help me spread the word any way you can. But the most important thing you can do to help us reach one million in one year for St. Jude is to....


It can be big or small (the amount really doesn't matter!!!) I think you can give up 5 bucks. You're just going to waste it on something like going out to eat anyway... Why not just eat at home one day and donate the money to a good cause???

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

Day 63 - $1,831

Tomorrow I will begin handing out the Give One Million Envelopes. I created 10 envelopes... Here they are:

Each of them contain this letter:

( Click on image to enlarge)

I hope this works. I think it will be fun to see how much each envelope earns, and where they end up! What do you think???

Keep up the support everyone! It's going great! Still no word from Ellen - I did submit it to her website - keep your fingers crossed she see's my video. And last... don't forget to DONATE!!! You can't think someone else will donate. If everyone does that we'll never reach our goal. It doesn't have to be much... just do it now. Don't wait for tomorrow. Don't wait for someone else to do it.

Talk Soon,


P.S. Tell your friends to follow Give One Million on Facebook and Twitter!!!!

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Day 61 - $1,806

Hi Everyone - sorry it's been so long since the last post, but as you'll soon see... I've been busy! Thank you everyone for the donations! We are keeping with the goal of exponential growth. And not a day too soon since tomorrow marks the two month milestone. In month one we raised $600. And so far in month two we've raised $1,206, (We still have a day left - I would be more than happy if I had to change my month two total!!!) for a grand total of $1,806.85! So next month we need to raise $2,400. Can we do it??? The answer to that is yes...

So here is what you've all been waiting for!! Here is the video I've been working on. (By the way - it's a lot of work to make a 2 minute and 27 second video! Sheesh!) I submitted it to Ellen DeGeneres, and hope she can help... It's also on YouTube. Many late nights have gone into this - I hope you enjoy - and keep your fingers crossed that I get a call from Ellen!!!

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Day 57 - $1,701

Hey Everyone. Thank you for the latest donation! Keep them coming. And keep telling everyone you know about Give One Million. No seriously... Tell everyone you know!

Here's a preview of what I'm working on. It turns out that if you have a baby gate, dining room table and chairs, a couple side lamps, and some tinfoil you can make a half way decent animation studio :) I hope I'll have this video done in the next day or so...

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Day 55 - $1,676

Calling all bloggers! Do you have a blog? Do you have a website? Well, if you do... this is my official plea: Can you add a button to your blog? Can you write a post about Give One Million? And last, can you follow this blog?

I'm not just asking for no reason, let me explain why.

First, if you add a button to your blog or website just think of how many of your friends will see it and take a look. It's a great way to spread the word to your friends and family without being pushy. This way they can check it out on their own time.

Second, if you write a post that would be even better. That way your friends and family can't miss it. They may not notice the button right away - they will notice a post :)

Third, if you follow this blog your'e showing your support. The more followers - the more people will pay attention. We need to show the world were here if we ever want to reach one million dollars. Follow this blog, and tell the world you believe in Give One Million!

I really want to reach this goal of one million dollars in one year for St. Jude!!!!! If I didn't think it was possible, I wouldn't have tried. It's day 55 and so far I'm averaging $30.47 a day! That's pretty good if I do say so myself - but there's a long way to go - and a lot of people to reach!!!! Ask my wife, kids, and family - I spend just about every free minute thinking of/working on ways to get the word out -and if you can help in just some little way, you don't know how much that means! But you also need to remember this isn't about me - it's about the kids at St. Jude that are fighting cancer. It's about helping them.

I think one million in one year is possible. I just need some help... and support :)

Enter.... YOU!

Talk Soon,


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Day 53 - $1,676

Way to go Mom! She held a garage sale over the weekend and donated ALL the proceeds!!! For a grand total of $296.85! (I guess I should say good job Dad too!) I plan to hold a garage sale too sometime soon... if it would ever stop raining in Missouri! Melissa made a donation as well. She put her hair cutting expertise to use and donated the proceeds to Give One Million for St. Jude.

Can you think of something you can do to raise some money for Give One Million? Can you spend a little time on a Saturday to raise some money? I know I sound like a broken record - but I need your help out there - people of the world reading this... I'm asking... will you join me in the fight against childhood cancer? Do something this week and email me about it :) Please ;)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

Day 50 - $1,370

My sister emptied out her change jar and donated her spare change!

Does anyone else have spare change?

Is there any better way you could use that extra change, than to help the kids at St. Jude who are fighting for their life? Think about it. If we can help them in some way... if we can make just a small difference... think about what that would mean.

Put yourself in their parents shoes for a minute. How would you feel if your son or daughter was sick and someone offered to help? Even if it was the change from their pocket - just the thought that someone out there cares enough to give (whatever amount) would mean a lot! I know as a dad myself, that would mean a lot to me.

That's what we're doing here people! True... some spare change won't make much of a difference, but if a few hundred people give their spare change - maybe it will make a difference. If we work together, and actually accomplish one million dollars in one year - think of how many lives will be blessed.

Now onto some good news! My mom is sponsoring a Give One Million garage sale in Idaho Falls, ID this weekend! So if you are in Idaho - make sure you go over and pick up some cool gadgets while you support Give One Million for St. Jude at the same time. So here are the details:

It's at 1302 Tipperary Court in the Shamrock Park Addition
Idaho Falls, ID
Saturday, May 15th 8am to 1pm
100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital via Give One Million.

I received my official logos - A big thanks to Denise Hadley for those. And a big thanks to everyone else that has donated since the last post! Keep it up everyone... We're on our way!

Talk Soon,


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Day 48 - $1,285

Wow! Thanks to a generous donation we are up to $1,285! Everyone please donate today. It doesn't matter the amount. Just the fact that you are showing your support is what we need.

Well, like I said before - if I am going to have any chance of reaching my goal, this is going to have to go way beyond me! I need people out there like you to join with me in a good cause. So below is a short list of ways you can help Give One Million:

What You Can Do In One Hour

DONATE!!! This takes more like 1 minute.

Send an email to your contact list.

Post about Give One Million on your blog.

Become a fan of Give One Million on Facebook.

Take your spare change to the bank and donate the amount.

Put a Give One Million button on your blog.

Post some flyers around your community.

Post some flyers at your work.

Tweet about Give One Million.

Send out a text to your friends and ask them to donate.

Call one friend and tell them about Give One Million.

Ask a local business that you frequent if they would be willing to donate.

Ask a local business that you frequent if you can leave a stack of flyers.

Become a follower on

Email your favorite news person and make them aware of this great story.

If you know somebody famous – call them and enlist their help with Give One Million.

Write on a chalkboard.

What You Can Do In One Day

Have a garage sale

Have a bake sale

Sell fresh produce from you garden

Set up a lemonade stand

Have a car wash and donate all proceeds.

Make a Give One Million sign and stand on a busy corner. (goofy costume optional!!)

Put flyers on cars in a busy parking lot.

Volunteer services to friends and family in exchange for donations. (lawn mowing, washing windows, babysitting, etc.)

Take your slightly used clothing to a consignment shop and donate proceeds to Give One Million.

Think BIG projects

Plan a 5K Fun Run.

Benefit Concert.

Sell Give One Million bracelets.

Get sponsors and do a marathon or triathlon, etc.

Plan and carry out a silent auction in your community.

Plan a walk-a-thon.

Give a discount on your service in exchange for a donation to Give One Million.

Give a discount on your rental property if your tenants donate to Give One Million.

Talk to your local professional sports teams and see if they can help.

Speak with school officials about having a school fundraiser for Give One Million.

Speak to your church about organizing a fundraiser to benefit Give One Million.

Organize a pancake breakfast.

Many companies have fundraising options for you to sign up and sell items (See’s candy bars, Krispy Kremes, etc)


These are just a few ideas. Email me if you have some ideas to add to the list. There are tons of other things we can do to help reach One Million Dollars in One Year. It really just comes down to one simple question. Will you help me???

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

Day 46 - $1,185

OK, so I'm back. We took a short vacation to Disney World last week. (If you call taking a four year old and a one year old to Disney World a vacation. Fun... Yes! Vacation... Not so much.) I had very limited Internet access while I was there, and didn't get home until 12:30 this morning, hence the lack of post for the last week. I hope I didn't lose too much momentum with everyone.

Well even though I wasn't keeping everyone up to date, I was still doing everything I could to promote Give One Million. Like I said in my first post: I'm willing to do just about anything to accomplish this goal...

I made a poster and put it in the window at the Wal-mart parking lot when we went shopping

Here is Melissa and Mom holding the poster

It says this is where dreams come true... One Million in One Year may be a dream now, but hopefully it's a reality on march 25th, 2011

Yours truly holding up a sign at the entrance to Disney World. (I didn't do it for too long - because I didn't want to cause too much trouble.)

Unfortunately, no more donations this week. hopefully that changes this week. The Facebook page seems to be catching on well - so thank you to everyone for spreading the word that way, and thank you to everyone that has already become a fan of the page!!! If we can get as many people there as possible - that could help in big ways down the road. So please... if your reading this 1. Donate 2. Join the Facebook page as a fan 3. Send an invite to all your friends inviting them to follow Give One Million for St. Jude as well. Especially if you don't know me... I need your help. I hope you can donate - but even if you won't do that - just follow Give One Million on Facebook or follow the blog. Tell your friends. If this is going to work - it has to go beyond me. Join with me. Show that one person can make a difference.

Sonic is coming up in June. I'm working on getting a calendar of events up on the blog - so everyone can see what's coming up. I'm going to try and fit a couple more fundraisers in before Sonic, so I'll keep you posted on that.
Talk Soon,

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

Day 38 - $1,185

So I got an email about an open house about 30 minutes away from where I live. St. Jude is basically giving a 400K dream home away. If you buy a $100 ticket - your name is put in a drawing to win. And of course all the proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Well, I thought - Sweet, this would be a great opportunity to go and meet some "fellow St. Jude fundraising people". I think it turned out well. I was able to leave a stack of flyers (there will be people going through the open house for a month or so!!!) - and got to speak with some great people - and explain Give One Million. I can definatley use some local support - so I hope something will come from our trip today. We took a pic of me and the kids in front of the house just for fun :)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!