Day 35 - $1,185

Today I'm introducing vacation homes for Give One Million.

From now on you will see another button on the left side of the blog. If you are going on a vacation this year - or know anyone that is - listen up! I negotiated a deal with my dad and his house down in Mazatlan Mexico. Here are the details:

He rents it out for anywhere from $600 to $800 a week depending on the time of year. He said that if someone donates $50 to Give One Million, he will discount the price $75 per week. Also, if you donate $100, he will discount the price $150 per week. It's a brand new 3 Bedroom/3bath home in Mazatlan!

So let's say you and your significant other decide it's time for a vacation. You invite two couples to go with you. Let's say you pick a week that goes for $600 (May-Nov). You donate $100 to Give One Million - So the rental cost would only be $450. As you have all noticed I like to do calculations... So let's look at this.

$450 + $100 donation = $550 Total Price for a week

$550 / 7 Days = $78.57 per day for everyone

$78.57 per day / 3 couples = $26.19 a day for portion

$26.19 * 7 days = $183

You can stay in a brand new house in Mazatlan for a whole week for $183!!! So here is the link to the webpage with all the details on the vacation home. His number is on there. If you call, just tell him David told you to call. And yes... that is Pa Feldman holding two giant fish...

Attention: Do you have a vacation home or cabin? Do you know someone that does? If you or anyone you know would like to support Give One Million by setting up a deal like this please let me know! I will add your vacation home or cabin, and provide details for perspective vacationers! You can support Give One Million, and rent your property at the same time. It's a win/win situation!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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