Day 32 - $675

Thank you everyone for your support and donations! Thanks to my sister for her donation -having the support of family means a lot! I think this is going great so far. It's going about how I expected - and that's a good thing! Hopefully everyone out there can spread the word, and we can get the snowball effect going on. Month One is going down in the books as $600. If - each month - we can double the amount of donations coming in... We would reach our goal with a month or so to spare. Simple enough right... So here's how were going to do it:

1. Donate Now! Don't think someone else will do it. If everyone thinks that, what will the outcome be? It doesn't have to be a lot. If you're like us you eat out a few times a week. So cut out a burger and fries just one time and there you go - you just freed up ten bucks. I know it may be hard to give money when you really don't see where it's going... or when there's not a face or name to see. But if you just push pause on life for one minute and think about who we are helping here, and what your money would be doing, perhaps you'd think a little harder about giving up that burger and fries.

2. Ok, so now that you've donated. Next tell everyone you know to donate. Send personal emails. Tell people what you are doing, and why. Tell people you don't know. Get some flyers from me and hand them out. Talk to your neighbor down that street that owns a business, and see what he/she can do. I'm finding this out first hand... You'd be surprised how willing people are to help out for a good cause.

3. Follow this blog. See there on the left... yep, right there with the little squares full of faces. Add your name there. Even if you don't know me. Especially if you don't know me! Follow Give One Million on Facebook and Twitter. See the little buttons at the end of each post? Use them! Digg the posts if you like them. All these things are ways to show the world we're here. And maybe if we get enough of that going on, people will start to take notice. And when people take notice - donations will come in.

4. Last, but not least. Stand up and do something in your community for Give One Million. Organize something big or small. Contact me to see what you can do. I need help from people all across the country - Why can't it be you???

Thanks to everyone for everything you've done so far!!! One month is gone, we've got eleven left. Let's see what we can do this month!


Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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