Day 121 - $5,006

Today was the Blue Springs GOM Garage Sale - and we earned $231.10! I tried to get more people involved so we would have lot's of items to sell, but that didn't work out - so it was basically just the Feldmans selling our stuff. I need a new wardrobe anyway :) I'm not donating it yet though. As you remember, I'm putting together the big bowling event here in Blue Springs on Aug 21st. Well, I've been going from business to business trying to get sponsors. (it's going to take quite a bit of $$$ to rent the bowling alley) So far I have two for sure. Drum roll please...

Cricket Wireless (Blue Springs)


Bella Capelli Salon

That's the good news. A big thanks to them for sponsoring Give One Million!

Well... the bad news is I need about ten more sponsors for the event. That brings me back to the garage sale I had today. I'm going to keep working to get sponsors for the bowling event - if I can't get enough, I will use the garage sale money to help sponsor the event. That's the plan.

I'm still doing the big Facebook push. I'm trying to get one million fans on facebook. That way everyone can donate just one dollar and we reach our goal. Well this month, I set an intermediate goal of doubling our fans on Facebook. We need 460 by July 31st. We are at 269 right now. So if you aren't following GOM on Facebook yet - what are you waiting for??? click on the Facebook icon on the right, and then invite all your friends to "like" the page as well.

Last, do you have a blog? or a google account? FOLLOW THIS BLOG! Put a button on your blog or website. We NEED to get the word out! Or I guess I should say I NEED YOUR HELP getting the word out.

And Last, Last... Donate! There were some neighborhood kids that were helping us out at the garage sale today. One of them (11 years old I believe) donated $2 that he had. (FYI - We don't live in the richest neighborhood. I'll just say that comparatively speaking, this kid isn't really in the best position to just be giving away money.) This is what he said, " I feel good now. I donated to help the sick kids. Even if it was only two dollars." And I told him, "Two dollars is awesome bud! What really matters is that you gave up what you had to help someone else. There are a lot of people out there that have WAY MORE money than you do, that haven't even donated two dollars - so you should be very proud of that two dollar donation!"

Today is the last day for month 4. Only 8 more months to go folks. Unless someone makes a $4,500 donation tonight, I'm affraid we aren't going to make our month 4 goal. :( I guess we'll just have to make up for it next month! Month 5 here we come!!!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!


  1. Dave I have a question for you. I am trying to put together an event and I wanted to see if there was a way to have a donation page of my own that's linked to yours? That way I could track it and contact all the contributors that haven't paid yet and you wouldn't have to worry about doing it. If not that's fine, and I'll just refer people to your page. But if I could do my own that would be awesome. Anyway, let me know either way. Thanks Dave!

  2. Let me check into that and get back with you. Thanks for all your help Shannon! You're Awesome!

  3. Just so you know - maybe this will lead you on a path to find something - there is a button on the donation site where you can join "teams". I saw that you were signed up as an individual, so it may be too late to change your status to a team at this point, but if you could, and then you could make me a team member that would be awesome. Like I said, if not no big deal, I'll still help out! But it would take some of the work off for you if I could.

  4. Yea! If we can do that... that would be awesome!