Day 20

So we're almost to the three week mark and so far, so good. We're at $300 as of now, so we are staying just about at our average of $100 a week. I'd be extatic if somone would make a donation that forced me to reference the median dollar amount as opposed to the mean when referring to our average donations on a weekly basis. (That last sentence is exactly why my wife says I'm a nerd :) -but that's a shout out to all the statistics geeks like me out there...)

I know you're dying to know what I've been up to the last couple days so here it goes...

1. You may have noticed I added a Give One Million One Minute Summary button over to the side. There is a purpose to it... Since we will be telling everyone to follow what we're doing here, there will be a lot of people randomly "happening" upon this blog. And it may be a little confusing or generate some questions when they first visit. When they visit and read the random post that happens to be first in line... I can see people asking themselves questions such as:

"Who is this guy?"


"What the heck is this guy doing?"


"Why is he doing this, and is it legit?"

Etc, Etc, Etc...

So... Now they have a place to click that will give them the one minute summary about what we are doing here at Give One Million for St. Jude. And then they will donate!!! :)

2. I've pretty much given up on High Schools to host an event, and moved on to Elementary Schools. They seem to be much more receptive. I'll keep you updated on that. Insurance for the event doesn't seem to be an easy topic either. After my wife made a few calls today, we're still at square one as far as that goes. hmmm.

3. The Give One Million logo is in the works. I've had some logo's submitted, that you may see bits and pieces of - but the official logo is yet to come. I will be working with a good friend/awesome graphic designer who is kind enough to help me develope it. But if it's going to be good... it may take some time.

4. I'm working on making some buttons/widgets for YOUR blog! I am trying to make quite a few, so you have something to choose from. I don't have our official logo yet, but I still wanted to make these buttons in the meantime. They will have to do until we get better ones.

5. I have been thinking about other ways to physically raise money off-line. besides the pancake breakfast, I will be making calls and setting up other activities as well. If you want to host an activity in your town for Give One Million - just let me know - That would seriously be cool, and I'd do everything I could to help.

So that's a good summary of the last two days or so. I have a day job I have to get to tomorrow morning (or should I say later this morning) so I better hit the hay. Keep telling everyone you know !!!!! So far we've raised $300 for the kids at St. Jude - let's keep it going!



Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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