Day 97 - $4,727

I received a letter from St. Jude. If you donated, you may have received the same letter... But for those of you that haven't donated yet I'll share a little bit:

In early 2006, Evans' parents were shocked to learn that their sweet 2-year-old son was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a dangerous form of childhood cancer. The family's pediatrician referred Evan to St. Jude form treatment right away.

At St. Jude, Evans' parents quickly learned that we were serious about beating his Cancer. His mom remembers, "As soon as Evans' doctor walked in the room and told us that Evans had ALL, I said, 'Can you treat him?' and his doctor said, 'No, we're going to cure him.' I can't tell you how it feels, as a parent of a child battling cancer, to hear those words. It is amazing."

Our doctors placed the little boy on a protocol of chemotherapy, and I have to tell you, the treatment hasn't always been easy. "The nurses told us that treating ALL is like a marathon, it's not a sprint." Evans mom says. "They said don't exhaust yourself at the beginning because it's a long process."

Today Evans is one step closer to making his doctor's promise come true -- because his cancer is in remission, and Evans is looking forward to spending this Father's Day with his dad.

This would never have been possible without the driving force behind our mission -- the generosity of good people like you. We depend on generous friends to make our lifesaving care possible, and I hope that you will keep St. Jude in your heart so that we can tell the next parents who come to us that their child's life is not over... not only are we going to treat that child -- we're going to cure them. God bless your good heart.

Pretty cool don't you think? Our goal is for a good cause people! Don't forget that! So far we've given away two shirts. I was hoping it would be more than that... But I'm thankful for the two people that did donate. Remember: If you donate $25 or more from now until July 4th I will mail you a Give One Million T-shirt. Join me in the fight against childhood cancer and donate now!

At church on Sunday our Sunday school teacher gave out some Dove chocolates. And this is what the wrapper said on the one I ate... "Jump at the chance to give!"

Well... I'm jumpin' as high as I can!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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