Day 75 - $3,431

Hey everyone! I wanted to post this yesterday, but blogger was down. So without further delay, here’s a big shout out to the Give One Million supporters in P-town (Portland)! My sister’s husband’s brother (I think I said that right…) is PUMPED about Give One Million! He’s “feeling inspired!” He, his wife, and family held a Give One Million garage sale in Vancouver, Washington! My sisters contributed some of their old stuff as well, and altogether they raised $661! Here are some pics from the event:

Yea! That's right!

Ever wonder what it looks like to fight cancer? Well folks.... you're lookin' at it!

The Give One Million dream team!

I need to send big thanks to my brother’s wife’s mom and husband (I think I said that one right too…) Their support means a lot.

So, I picked up the 1200 flyers for the Sonic event coming up. I’m working on the Give One Million banner, and Give One Million T-shirts. I try to send at least a couple emails a day to “people” asking for their help and support. I’m trying to start thinking ahead and planning some events for 5-6 months from now. So they can be big. I’m trying to think big. That’s one thing I keep telling myself, “don’t hold back. Don’t think anything or anyone is too big for this.” We are well on our way to meeting our month three goal of $2,400. So everyone keep the donations coming in. P.S. I need some help… anyone want to organize a Give One Million fundraiser in your city???

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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