Day 82 - $3,862

We had another Give One Million Garage Sale. This time some good friends teamed up with my mom and sis to raise the money and help fight cancer. Thank You! I know you're thinking it... and yes those are the official Give One Million T-shirts. They look pretty sweet don't they. I will be letting you know what the plan is with those later this week, so stay tuned!

I mentioned last post that I was on a business trip last week. On my way home the plane in Las Vegas was running a little late, and I was "lucky" enough to miss my connection in Denver. Well, since I had to spend an extra 5 hours sitting around in the Denver airport waiting for my flight back to KC - the airline was nice enough to give me a little compensation for my time.

I hold in my hand a $150 travel voucher that can be applied toward the purchase of any United Airlines ticket. It is fully transferable.

So here's the deal...

Are you planning a trip any time soon? Do you need to fly anywhere in the next year? Well - if you donate $100 (OBO) to Give One Million for St. Jude, I will give you the United Airlines Travel Voucher. If you're interested, email me with an offer.

Keep up the Facebook invites. Since I posted about trying to get 1,000,000 fans for the Give One Million page we increased our fans by 4. I was hoping for a little better response. Can someone please help me out with that ?!?!. All it takes is one invite to your friend list. Come on... It's for a good cause :)
Today, I was on the phone with St. Jude, and they put me on hold for a minute while they were getting some answers to questions. Well - when you're on hold they have patients and parents of patients telling how St. Jude has/is helping them in their fight against pediatric cancer. I'm telling you people... what we are doing here is very appreciated. When you donate to St. Jude you are literally helping a child survive cancer - and they are very grateful! (wouldn't you be if your child had cancer, and someone offered to help you???)
I think everyone that's reading this maybe forgets where exactly this money is going - because I'm not posting pictures and stories of the patients at St. Jude every day to remind you... but let me tell you this: If you just take a few minutes and look at where your Give One Million donations are going - you will realize there is nothing better you could do with your money. Help me help them! Donate today!!!
Talk Soon,

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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