Day 89 - $4,605

In addition to the Sonic Drive-In fundraiser on Saturday, my nieces had a Give One Million Lemonade stand in Vancouver! Way to go guys! They raised $30. See - It doesn't take much. If everyone does just one thing like that we can reach our goal!

On a not so great note... Sorry for the delay on Video and Pics from the Sonic fundraiser. I'm having coputer problems. My firewire port is broken on my desktop, and the charger port is broken on my laptop :( So the laptop is out of commision until I can weld the charging port back to the motherboard - and until I replace the firewire port on my desktop, I can't upload video. Those that live close beware! I may be stopping by soon, to use your computer to download my video from my camcorder :) As soon as I get something back in working condition - I'll have some SWEET GOM videos posted. I hope it's soon!

And one other story - We have a great babysitter! She does a great job with the kids, and because of her, Melissa and I actually get to go out sometimes! Well, she came to watch the kids on Saturday while we were at Sonic. When my wife took her home, she paid her as usual. Well... Our babysitter gave back half of her earnings to be donated to Give One Million for St. Jude! How cool is that??? Thanks Makala!

P.S. I still have the United Airlines $150 travel voucher... If you donate $100 to Give One Million, I will give it to you. Tell everyone you know. Also remember - we're trying to get 1,000,000 fans on Facebook. Be sure to keep inviting all your friends to "like" the page. If we get a million fans on Facebook, and everyone donates just one dollar - we reach our goal!!!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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