Day 80 - $3,491

Sorry it's been so long. I had to take a business trip to Las Vegas. I was really excited to tell everyone about Give One Million there, but it didn't go as well as I had hoped. I never really had much time to get away and do anything, and considering what is generally handed out to people on the strip, I didn't want to stand out there handing out flyers. So I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to do much, but I did talk to a few people - so it wasn't a total loss of time. I just keep my fingers crossed, that maybe someday soon I'll talk to that "one" person - who know's so and so... who knows so and so... who has all sorts of connections, that can tell the whole world about Give One Million.

Thanks for the donations that came in while I was gone. We're still moving forward. We're up to almost $3,500 in the fight against childhood cancer. Everyone should be proud of that.

So I want to talk about a new focus I want to add to our goal. It has to do with Facebook. When I started a Facebook page to promote GOM, I was pleasently surprised at how well Facebook does for getting the word out. So it got me thinking... Since Facebook seems to be going so well, maybe I should run with that in some way... maybe I can utilize it more... Well, this is what I want to do. If we can get one million people to "like" the GOM page on Facebook before the end of the year - everyone can donate one dollar - and BAM! We reached one million in one year for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! So here's the plan: right now we have 150 fans on Facebook. I need everyone to invite all their friend, family, co-workers, neighbors, long lost cousins, etc to be a fan of Give One Million on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, and not a fan yet - just click on the link to the right, and become a fan. Just think... if we can get a million fans on Facebook - we can easily reach our goal.

OK, so one last time... here's your homework:
1. Donate! If you haven't donated yet... Come on... Just do it. It doesn't matter how much!
2. Tell all your friends to check out, and tell them to donate!
3. Help me organize an event in your area for Give One Million!
4. Last, but not least... BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK, AND INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO BECOME A FAN AS WELL!!!!!!!!!! 1,000,000 fans or bust!!!!!

We can do this everyone! We can do it!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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