Day 48 - $1,285

Wow! Thanks to a generous donation we are up to $1,285! Everyone please donate today. It doesn't matter the amount. Just the fact that you are showing your support is what we need.

Well, like I said before - if I am going to have any chance of reaching my goal, this is going to have to go way beyond me! I need people out there like you to join with me in a good cause. So below is a short list of ways you can help Give One Million:

What You Can Do In One Hour

DONATE!!! This takes more like 1 minute.

Send an email to your contact list.

Post about Give One Million on your blog.

Become a fan of Give One Million on Facebook.

Take your spare change to the bank and donate the amount.

Put a Give One Million button on your blog.

Post some flyers around your community.

Post some flyers at your work.

Tweet about Give One Million.

Send out a text to your friends and ask them to donate.

Call one friend and tell them about Give One Million.

Ask a local business that you frequent if they would be willing to donate.

Ask a local business that you frequent if you can leave a stack of flyers.

Become a follower on

Email your favorite news person and make them aware of this great story.

If you know somebody famous – call them and enlist their help with Give One Million.

Write on a chalkboard.

What You Can Do In One Day

Have a garage sale

Have a bake sale

Sell fresh produce from you garden

Set up a lemonade stand

Have a car wash and donate all proceeds.

Make a Give One Million sign and stand on a busy corner. (goofy costume optional!!)

Put flyers on cars in a busy parking lot.

Volunteer services to friends and family in exchange for donations. (lawn mowing, washing windows, babysitting, etc.)

Take your slightly used clothing to a consignment shop and donate proceeds to Give One Million.

Think BIG projects

Plan a 5K Fun Run.

Benefit Concert.

Sell Give One Million bracelets.

Get sponsors and do a marathon or triathlon, etc.

Plan and carry out a silent auction in your community.

Plan a walk-a-thon.

Give a discount on your service in exchange for a donation to Give One Million.

Give a discount on your rental property if your tenants donate to Give One Million.

Talk to your local professional sports teams and see if they can help.

Speak with school officials about having a school fundraiser for Give One Million.

Speak to your church about organizing a fundraiser to benefit Give One Million.

Organize a pancake breakfast.

Many companies have fundraising options for you to sign up and sell items (See’s candy bars, Krispy Kremes, etc)


These are just a few ideas. Email me if you have some ideas to add to the list. There are tons of other things we can do to help reach One Million Dollars in One Year. It really just comes down to one simple question. Will you help me???

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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