Day 61 - $1,806

Hi Everyone - sorry it's been so long since the last post, but as you'll soon see... I've been busy! Thank you everyone for the donations! We are keeping with the goal of exponential growth. And not a day too soon since tomorrow marks the two month milestone. In month one we raised $600. And so far in month two we've raised $1,206, (We still have a day left - I would be more than happy if I had to change my month two total!!!) for a grand total of $1,806.85! So next month we need to raise $2,400. Can we do it??? The answer to that is yes...

So here is what you've all been waiting for!! Here is the video I've been working on. (By the way - it's a lot of work to make a 2 minute and 27 second video! Sheesh!) I submitted it to Ellen DeGeneres, and hope she can help... It's also on YouTube. Many late nights have gone into this - I hope you enjoy - and keep your fingers crossed that I get a call from Ellen!!!

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  1. great job on the video Dave, hope Ellen gives you a call.

  2. David, that is an awesome video. I am so proud of you and what you are doing Ellen will love this video and you for what you are doing for these sick children. I hope in some small way I will be able to help you toward your goal. Good luck and may the Lord bless you and your family. Love, Auntie Dee Dee and Uncle Vince