Day 55 - $1,676

Calling all bloggers! Do you have a blog? Do you have a website? Well, if you do... this is my official plea: Can you add a button to your blog? Can you write a post about Give One Million? And last, can you follow this blog?

I'm not just asking for no reason, let me explain why.

First, if you add a button to your blog or website just think of how many of your friends will see it and take a look. It's a great way to spread the word to your friends and family without being pushy. This way they can check it out on their own time.

Second, if you write a post that would be even better. That way your friends and family can't miss it. They may not notice the button right away - they will notice a post :)

Third, if you follow this blog your'e showing your support. The more followers - the more people will pay attention. We need to show the world were here if we ever want to reach one million dollars. Follow this blog, and tell the world you believe in Give One Million!

I really want to reach this goal of one million dollars in one year for St. Jude!!!!! If I didn't think it was possible, I wouldn't have tried. It's day 55 and so far I'm averaging $30.47 a day! That's pretty good if I do say so myself - but there's a long way to go - and a lot of people to reach!!!! Ask my wife, kids, and family - I spend just about every free minute thinking of/working on ways to get the word out -and if you can help in just some little way, you don't know how much that means! But you also need to remember this isn't about me - it's about the kids at St. Jude that are fighting cancer. It's about helping them.

I think one million in one year is possible. I just need some help... and support :)

Enter.... YOU!

Talk Soon,


Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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