Day 256 - $14,120

Ok... I wanted to post last night, but my Internet went out :(

The $1,000 check hit from ATK! So we are over $14k now! Melissa and I are going to be sending out Christmas cards this week. We are going to be asking our friends to donate in our "update" letter. Good idea right?

Don't forget we have GOM T-shirts for $10. They make great Christmas presents! And all the proceeds go to GOM for St. Jude.

So I haven't heard back from all the famous people I've been emailing about GOM. Still nothing from Jessica. I was hoping that waiting in line for 4 hours and giving her a letter and GOM shirt would persuade her to help. Wouldn't you be impressed if I waited in line for 4 hours to see you and then gave you a T-shirt?? I'm still trying to get anyone/everyone to listen though. Still writing emails. Still posting on FB walls. If anyone out there can help by sending an email to someone they might have some sort of contact with that could help - that would be awesome. Just do me a favor and send an email today. right now. You're already on the Internet!

We still have the Jonny Harline footballs for sale too. It's not too late to get one for the BYU fan in your family.

P.S. Better than Ezra... if you're reading this... It's not too late for a benefit concert!!! :)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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