Day 264 - $14,509

I am now up to $23 a mile. I asked a few more people at work today. Basically everyone I ask is signing up to sponsor me. And a few are even thinking about walking with me! I'm sort of surprised at how much everyone is willing to sponsor. I have two sponsors for $4.25 a mile, one for $4.50, and one for $5.00 a mile! Thanks you to my very generous co-workers!

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  1. Dave, Sam and I would love to sponsor you. Sorry we can't afford a ton since we've had to take some unexpected dips into our savings lately, but we'd love to do $2 a mile. I know it's not much, but you have our full support. Would you like me to see if I can't get some of my friends to sponsor you as well? What's the whole deal with your walkathon? Is it however many miles you can do in a given time, or just however many miles you can do, period? Sorry, that was a lot of questions. Anyway, for sure put us down for $2 / mile. Good luck!!!!!