Day 271 - $15,711

The $500 check from Kohl's went through! As Napoleon Dynamite would say: Yessssssssss!

Last night I wrote a bunch of emails to running/walking clubs here in KC to see if they would like to participate in our Walk-A-Thon. Haven't heard back from anyone yet :( Hopefully someone will want to walk with me. If not, I guess that's OK. I'm up to $47 a mile so far, and I'm going to try for $100 a mile. So even if it's just me, I still think it will be a successful event. I should say I do have one person that is planning to walk and a couple other maybe's (not from my emails last night... from talking to people previously)... So hopefully I won't be walking alone.

You know... one of the hardest thing about fundraising, is putting so much effort and energy into something and trying your hardest to help, and do something good - and then not getting much response or wondering if anyone is even paying attention or cares. Now mom... don't worry. I'm not down in the dumps - I'm actually quite optimistic right now. I'm just making an objective and realistic observation. Over the last 9 months - I've found that one of the hardest things is to keep motivated and pressing forward, when it seems nobody else but you cares about what you are doing. Now... Everyone don't get me wrong. I know there are people out there that care... and many, many people have supported GOM and what I'm doing. But I think every person that sets out to do some sort of long term fundraising has grand ideas, but usually gets a little bit of a rude awakening at the actual response. I can see why people just kind of give up and fade out. That's all I'm saying... It's hard.

But I haven't given up, and I'm not going to give up! So far we've raise almost sixteen THOUSAND dollars for kids with cancer!!! All because we haven't given up! And even though it may be hard, and seem like not very many people are paying attention and supporting GOM ...or as many as I think there should be... which would be the whole world in my dreams :) we ARE making a difference. So to all my supporters from the biggest to the smallest:


We can still reach our goal. Let's not give up. We're coming down the home stretch... Now is when I need everyone on board more than ever.

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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