Day 262 - $14,509

So I was doing some calculations tonight...

So far I've had 3,800 hits on my blog. We have raised $14,509. Let's do some math.

$14,509 ÷ 3,800 = $3.818158 dollars raised per hit on the website.

$1,000,000 - $14,509 = $985,491 left to raise before March 25th.

So if we keep this ratio going...

It will take $985,491 ÷ $3.81858 = 258,107 more hits to the blog to reach our goal.

Since we have 103 days left...

That means 258,107 ÷ 103 = 2,506 hits per day.

We're averaging 13 hits a day over the last 262 days. Hmmmm.

It's OK. We can still do it! Please send emails to your friends. Post links on FB and Twitter. Put a button on your blog. Anything to help drive traffic! The more traffic. The more we can raise. Help me if you can :)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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