Day 261 - $14,509

Attention! Attention!

I would like to officially announce my next big event...

The Give One Million for St. Jude Walk-A-Thon

Ok.. So here's how it will work. On January 22nd I'm going to walk as many miles as I can for the kids of St. Jude. I'll be walking on the Little Blue Trace Trail here in Independence, MO. It's not just me walking though. I'm inviting/asking anyone else that can - to join with me and walk to raise money. If you choose to walk with me there are two ways you can raise money:

1. You can do what I'm going to do: Get Sponsors! I created a sign-up sheet for people to sign up to donate a certain amount for each mile I walk. I will get you a copy so you can have your friends/co-workers/family sponsor your walk.

2. You can pay $15 and just walk with us! All $15 will be donated to GOM for St. Jude to help us reach one million dollars. (I guess you could pay $15 and get sponsors as well!)

Each person that walks will get a GOM T-shirt. So if you are in the KC area... PLEASE join me in this walk-a-thon! Let's get all of our freinds to sponsor us and raise tons of money for St. Jude!!! Just email me if you plan to walk. If you are planning on getting sponsors, I'll email you the sign-up template to use.

COME ON EVERYONE... I know it will be cold, but let's make this a great event! I can't wait to see everyone on the 22nd! As it gets closer, and I learn more - I'll give details. But until then... bust out that treadmill and start getting in shape :) We have a long way to walk!!!!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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