Day 268 - $14,916

Only 97 days left folks...

So this walk-a-thon thing is going great. I'm up to $47 a mile! Now... I have to start training, so I can actually walk as far as I want to. The Little Blue Trace Trail is 13 miles. So if I walk up and back, that would be 26 miles.... Basically walking a marathon. hmmmm. Sounds nice, but I'm not sure it's going to be that easy. I can do it though. It's all in the mind baby!

BTW... who is going to walk with me? You will get a GOM t-shirt, and a St. Jude pin for walking. You can either pay $15 and just walk, or you can get sponsors like me. And it's not really that hard to get sponsors. Pretty much every person I've asked has said yes. It's been awesome!

It's not a timed event. I'm just going to see basically how far I can walk. (I told my sponsors, I wouldn't walk more than 26 miles though. So they would have an idea of how much they were actually donating.) I'm going to look into getting some people to donate some muffins or donuts for the startline. I'm planning on starting at 8 A.M. So that's the plan people. Now I just need more sponsors!

Thank you to everyone that has been organizing events over this holiday season! I really appreciate your support! But it's not really me that appreciates it. It's the kids with Cancer at St. Jude. They are the ones we are helping.

Just a few reminders... Follow this blog. Follow on FB. Follow on Twitter. Email your friends this blog. Try to organize a GOM for St. Jude event in your area.

P.S. We're so close to the $15,000 mark. If you've been thinking about donating... now is the perfect time! Donate today, and put GOM over the $15K mark :)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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