Day 249 - $12,821

A couple of thoughts...

For Christmas what about sending an email to your friends, family, co-workers, etc telling them about GOM, and asking them to donate since this is the season of giving.

What about including a note in your Christmas cards telling friends about GOM and asking them to donate this holiday season.

Is there something you can do at church or school or work to raise some money. This is the season of giving - so it should be a good time to do some sort of fundraiser to earn some money for GOM for St. Jude.

On a different note...

Nobody seems to be interested in the signed footballs. I have some ads up on KSL, but nobody emailed me. I guess everything can't work :( I'm working an angle right now to hopefully get in contact with the Cougar Club and see if anyone there would be interested. Wish me luck with that.

Thanks to everyone that has donated lately. I really appreciate the support, and I'm sure the kids of St. Jude do as well! We just got the $700 from the IF Sonic fundraiser donated, and should have the $1,000 from ATK hitting soon. So when that happens we should be up to about $14,000!!! It's not one million... but it's still a lot!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!


  1. Are you going to be leaving the footballs up on the KSL site? There are 4 people I've talked to that were very interested, but maybe just haven't had time yet. I'll talk to them again tonight if you're going to leave the offer on there!

  2. Thanks Shannon! Yes, I am leaving them up... I extended the date to Dec 11th. But the Multiple Signature Ball just sold. So there are only 3 Jonny Harline balls left. The KSL site is still up though for everyone to see the pics.