Day 234 - $11,071

OK, so this was a fun weekend for GOM. First I'll tell you about our little adventure here in KC to meet Jessica Simpson and give here a Give One Million T-shirt, and ask if she can help.

BTW... Jessica, or anyone that knows Jessica - if you are reading this... First, Thanks for actually looking at my blog!! Second, I hope you can help! We are doing everything we can to tell everyone about Give One Million - but we need help. We're trying to raise one million dollars for the kids of St. Jude, and if you can do anything to spread the news I will be your best friend!!! Not that having me as a best friend really benefits you in any way... but Melissa and I are pretty cool :) We make fantastic friends!

So we waited in line for about 4 hours and got to talk to her for about 30 seconds. But we did tell her about GOM. And we did give her a note and T-shirt. I don't know if anyone else gave her anything/presents, but it didn't really look like it - so my only hope is that we were the only people that gave her something, and so that will stand out in her mind, and maybe she'll take a look. She did sign a picture to auction off though while we were talking... so that's good, even if nothing else happens. So this is what I need everyone to do. Keep an eye out on the Jessica Simpson Facebook and Twitter account, and her blog. I know I'll be following closely the next few weeks. I already signed up to follow her Twitter and FB. So just keep your fingers crossed that she mentions GOM!!

So here are the pics... Don't mind the fact that I look like a deer in headlights in the first picture. I was just trying to get my face in there to show I was there.

Our next big event this weekend was in Idaho. We raised $701!!! A big thank you to everyone that helped out there, and a big thanks to Sonic! The weather was pretty cold, so I think that may have cut down the number of people out and about - but they still did a great job of car hopping and raising money. My mom and dad are helping so much in Idaho. I can't tell you how grateful I am for everything they are doing. Keep up the good work!

GOM Volunteers - AKA - the childhood cancer elimination patrol!
The Manager for the Idaho Falls Sonics - You da man!
More GOM Volunteers with Pa Feldman.

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