Day 223 - $10,283

Hey everyone. How's life? I hope it's going good for you. So I've been thinking about a few things for GOM lately.

1. Just donating. When we first started we were getting a lot of just plain old donations. I know we've been doing a lot of events, and raising lots of money, but I still think that if this is going to happen, we have to have people just flat out donate. Every morning, the first thing I do is check the GOM hotmail account to see if anyone donated. And I'm just being honest here... but sometimes it gets a little disappointing when I check it day after day - week after week at times... and nobody has just plain donated. When I do open my email and see there is a donation - it literally makes my day. It doesn't matter the amount. Just knowing that someone out there is paying attention to what we're doing, and wants to help us reach our goal, and help the kids of St. Jude... That's what makes my day. So if you can, will you donate today? Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated!!!

2. Facebook. The reason I push FB so much, is this: IF WE GET ONE MILLION FANS ON FB, AND EVERYONE DONATES ONE DOLLAR - WE REACH OUR GOAL! I know that sounds far-fetched... Maybe it is. But what if we get to 100,000 fans? Then it's only $10 a person (Actually less than that because of what we've earned so far.) Or, even if we get 50,000 fans. The bottom line is this. The more fans - the more money we are going to raise. So PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE invite your friends on FB to follow and like the GOM page.

3. I just had a friend from High School call me up this week. Her company is having a Christmas party. Every year they have one, and raise money for a charity. This year... she thought of Give One Million! :) I can't tell you how happy I am to have her help! When people like that step up to help, it really makes me think we can do this! If I can just somehow figure out a way to get others to do what my friend is doing - we CAN reach our goal. It doesn't have to be anything huge... it can be something you already do (like my friends Christmas party) I just ask that you think of GOM.... I have so many irons in the fire with GOM, any help I can get is awesome... And that was the whole idea from the beginning. I'm not doing this by myself. This is a "we" project. I just so happen to be the one getting the ball rolling so to speak. My intent from the beginning was not to do everything myself - but rather do as much as I can, and hopefully inspire others to join with me. So think with me for a minute... is there something you can do? Something at your work you could do to raise some money? Are you going to be doing anything over the holidays that will let you tell people about GOM or raise some money? Maybe it's a dress down day at work. Maybe it's a donation can at your church Christmas party. There's hundreds of ideas.

4. And last... Sponsors! Do you know a company or does your company want to sponsor GOM for St. Jude? They can do it by donating money, advertising, or even their services. Can your company donate anything? I work for ATK, and I just got them to donate $1,000. Will your employer donate anything. We'll list them as a sponsor if they do. Do you own a business? Can you state that you support GOM on your website? Can you put up a button? Do you have business that advertises or can spread the word somehow? Maybe you work for a marketing firm. If so, can you donate some marketing services? It's just a thought. You'll notice we have lots of sponsors down on the right. (Please visit their sites!) But we'd love to have more!

Well... I think that's it for tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day at work. Gotta get some shut eye :)

Talk Soon,

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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