Day 219 - $10,283

We have some big news!!! We just crossed the $10,000 mark! With the donations from the Potato sale we had in Idaho last weekend, and some other donations from potato sales in Utah, and some other donations from great people, we are now into 5 digits!

I'm working on a video from the Halloween party... in the mean time here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Everyone had a great time. Unfortunately we didn't have too many people show up. But I guess everything we do can't be a home run :( However, our volunteers from Kohl's came - so that means Kohl's will be donating $500! So the grand total for the night was $583.

What do you think about my Joker Costume?

The big bad wolf (grandma) and Little Red Riding Hood won the costume contest. J, our little mummy, got runner up. And our tiny cupcake got 3rd place.

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