Day 211 - $8,076

Tomorrow's a big day! We have the potato sale in Idaho. See below for all the details on that. And I will be at The Hy-Vee here in Blue Springs on the corner of Hwy 40 and Route 7. I think we will be able to break $10,000 tomorrow!!! Oh yea... I also got news that my employer, ATK, will be donating $1,000!!!!! Is that awesome or what! I won't get it until next week though.

I've been going around getting gifts for the Halloween party on the 28th. I have a lot of cool prizes. I think were going to have a great time. Hopefully everyone can make it.

And last: If you have a FB account - can you please invite all your friends to like us on Facebook? Please? Just think... if we have 1,000,000 fans, it only takes one dollar from each person! So that's one little way you can help make a difference: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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