Day 197 - $7,137

We are $30 closer to our goal thanks to the donations today! Thank You!!

So I was crunching some numbers tonight...

When you take our total amount raised so far and divide it by the number of days we've been doing Give One Million we are averaging $36.23 per day raised for St. Jude.

Not too bad.

If we continue at that pace... We will raise an additional $6,036 for a total of $13, 223. Not even close to our goal, but still very admirable. That would be $13,223 the kids of St. Jude didn't have before we started this whole thing.

Well, in order to meet the goal of one million dollars we need to raise $992,863 over the next 168 days. That averages out to $5,909.90 per day.


Piece of cake!! :)

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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