Day 204 - $7,691

This is going to be a busy couple weeks. The crew in Idaho is kickin butt and taking names. They have bake sales, they're setting up booths at events, they're organizing a huge potato sale, and lots more! Great job guys!

I'll be keeping things real here in Blue Springs as well. We'll be at the Hy-Vee here in BS on the 23rd. The same day as the potato sale in Idaho. I'm getting ready for the Halloween party too! That's going to be a blast for everyone. It's at B&D Skating Rink in Independence by the way. We got news that Kohl's is going to be helping us by volunteering at our Halloween party! Since there is going to be 5 of them there, Kohl's is going to donate $500 to GOM!!! Aaaaaahhhh yeeeaaaaaa!

St. Jude has been reaching out to help as well. I gotta give a shout out to Shaun Martin for hooking me up with St. Jude banners and posters. That's not all though. He'll be helping me as I organize the rest of our events. With their help, I think we'll be able to organize some big events.

So, I'm thinking we could possible break $8,000 this weekend! I know that's nowhere near $1M, but you have to admit... that's still pretty impressive. We can make $1M though... if You donate. Yes, You! Someone else isn't going to do it. If everyone thinks, "Oh... someone else will donate.", then we won't make the goal. But if we each make this personal - and take "making a difference" into our own hands, we will reach our goal. So click on the donate button, and let's do this!!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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