Day 112 - $4,837

About eight months ago I killed a thief at the Goodwill store.

Let me explain...

When we moved to Missouri we packed up all our belongings and put them in storage. We then flew to Kansas City and stayed in temporary housing for a couple months while we looked for a house. We finally found a place to stay and said goodbye to the temp housing. We were downsizing from our house in Utah to a townhouse - so we had to make some decisions. One of which was, "Do we really want to keep these big, bulky, old TVs???" We thought long and hard - and in the interest of saving money by cutting out the cable bill (and the purchase of a new TV - because ours were pieces of crap!), we decided we could live without TV. Looking back - that was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

When I dropped those TVs off at the Goodwill store, the thief that was stealing all my time was no more! You'd be surprised how much of your time the TV steals. It wasn't until I didn't have one - that I realized how much "extra" time I had. Without the TV crutch to fall back on - I had to find other things to fill my time. I live right next to a library... I started reading more. I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book called "How to draw dragons and other mystical creatures", (You don't need to say it :) I already know I'm a nerd.) and a notepad, and started resuscitating my art skills. Suddenly my wife and I had time to work out. Weird huh!

With my life back in my control - It was only a matter of months before the idea of Give One Million for St. Jude was born.

I really think getting rid of TV played a major part in opening the door for Give One Million to begin. If I still had TV, I'd probably be watching Jay Leno right now instead of writing this post. Imagine what you could do without a TV in your life... Just a thought.

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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