Day 118 - $4,906

A couple donations came in... From my Auntie's yard sale we got $19 in donations, and from the donation can at the paramount 5 in Rexburg, Idaho we collected $50! Not too bad! Thanks everyone for your help.

So I've been out pounding the pavement trying to get sponsors for the bowling event coming up here in Blue Springs. (Don't worry, I'll make the official announcement about it when I have the flyers. It's going down on August 21st, so we have some time. I've been pretty much going out every lunch break and asking businesses to sponsor the event, and then I hit some businesses for about an hour or so after work... until everyone starts closing down. So far I have 3 sponsors. I would like to have about 10 or more... so wish me luck when I'm talking to everyone. I'm having the garage sale here in Blue Springs on Saturday. I hope to raise a few hundred dollars from that. I was hoping to donate that all toward the goal - but, depending on how willing people are to help me sponsor the bowling event - i may have to use my garage sale money as seed money to get this bowling event up and running.

I'm still working this harder than ever. Even though the donations have slowed these last couple weeks - I'm still going strong. Everyone stay with me. We can do this!!!!

If you're here for the first time - don't leave without donating! It only takes 30 seconds, and it doesn't matter how much you donate. It can be one dollar for all I care. Just that fact that you are showing your support for Give One Million is what matters! And then tell everyone you know!

Talk Soon,


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