Day 302 - $16,258

OK. So we have a little change of plans. I was going to walk the Little Blue Trace Trail here in Independence for the walk-a-thon tomorrow. And I was planning on doing that no matter the temperature. Well... It's not the cold that is changing the plans... it's the foot of snow on the ground/trail that changed it. I would walk through it... but since I'm raising money for the kids of St. Jude, I don't want that to limit the number of miles I can walk. Sooooo....

I'm going to walk at the Independence Center Mall in Independence, MO. They open the mall for walkers at 7 AM, and that's when I plan to be there. Or shortly there after. This change of plans is actually turning out to be good for a couple reasons. 1. I'll be walking inside, so it won't be cold. That will be nice. I've been training for the walk-a-thon outside in the cold the last couple weeks anticipating low temps for the walk. (I mean... It is Jan 22nd!!!) But I won't have to walk in the cold anymore :) Nice warm inside temp! 2. I will probably generate a lot more attention walking in a mall than I would had I walked the trail. I plan to tape a sign to the back of my shirt telling everyone what I'm doing. That wouldn't have been so embarrassing if I was outside on a trail.... but doing that inside... while I walk around the mall for 9 hours... will be putting me somewhat (way beyond) out of my comfort zone. Oh Well... It's for the kids right??

You may have noticed that fine looking picture above. That's me about 2 hours ago carb loading for the walk. I'm going to try and walk 26 miles so I'm going to need all the energy I can get. I'm basically walking a marathon with one 5 mile, one 10 mile, and one 13 mile walk as preparation. Wish me luck on that. :)

I tried to hit everyone I know to get sponsors for my walk. And As of now. I have $70 a mile in sponsors. Pretty good right?!?! SO if I walk the 26 miles, I will earn $1,820. Plus I have two other people that are just donating a flat amount for the walk ($20 & $100). So if I go the distance, the total should be $1,940. That's almost $2,000!!!

I sent the following email to 3 local news stations and the major KC newspaper in hopes of generating a little more attention for GOM:

I will be attempting to walk 26 miles at the Independence Center Mall on January 22, 2011to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I am currently at $67 a mile in sponsors. I will be walking inside the mall. I will begin between 7:30 and 8:00 A.M. I believe it will take approximately 8-9 hours to complete 26 miles. I am attempting to raise one million dollars in one year for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can see more details at I have not informed the mall that I’m planning to walk for 8-9 hours so I hope all goes well.

Contact Information:
David Feldman
Give One Million for St. Jude Walk-a-thon
Saturday, January 22nd
Independence Center Mall – Independence, MO

You may have noticed, that I mention that I haven't asked the mall for permission to walk. I did call, and they said they have "walkers" that come to the mall. So I'm assuming they'll be OK with this. I guess we'll see.

I'll be wearing my GOM T-shirt. As I previously mentioned, I'll also have a bright neon sign taped to my back. I'm bringing flyers and T-shirts with me in case anyone wants info or to even walk with me. I have one person that says they plan to walk with me. Hopefully he shows up.

So everyone stay tuned for tomorrow. I will try and post tomorrow night to let you know how it went. I'm pretty sure my legs will be non-functional at that point - but my fingers should be working! :)

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