Day 284 - $16,036

So we're over the $16,000 mark! Thank you and congrats to everyone! Sorry It's been so long since the last post. I've been in LA visiting family for the holidays. I didn't really have too much access to the Internet. I did manage to donate $11.11 on 1.1.11 though! And thank you to the other 3 people that did as well. (By the way - if you signed up on FB to donate the $11.11 it's not to late. You can still do it!)

So we're coming down the home stretch. What can we do that would be big? Maybe something that would generate a lot of attention... so it will drive people to the GOM website which equals donations :) Help me think. Think. Think. Think. I'll come up with an idea... but I need you to come up with one as well. organize it and do it! We have to reach 1 million and we're running out of time!!!!!!!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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