Day 154 - $6,764

So yesterday was the last day of month 5! I can't believe we are already approaching the half way point. I'm not going to lie... I was hoping we'd be further along at this point. But that's OK. We still have 7 months to make some magic happen. We are still working as hard as we were on day one - and I'm hoping that eventually something will happen, and all of our hard work will pay off. Just remember, everything we do is going to the kids at St. Jude. Kids that are fighting for their life. We've been so blessed in our life with J and Tiny, I think all the time that this the least we can do to help those people out there that aren't as fortunate as us, and have sick kids.
So we earned $1,758 in month 5. Not too bad if I do say so myself. It was nowhere near our goal, but we're trying, and that's all we can do. If you're out there I need your help now more than ever. The main thing to do is actually donate some money. The next best thing is to tell your friends. Email someone and ask them directly if they will donate. Add a button to your blog, and blog about Give One Million. Follow this blog, and encourage other to do the same, and last, but not least, follow us on facebook! If we get one million fans, and everyone donates just one dollar.... WE MAKE OUR GOAL!!!
Talk Soon,

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