Day 142 - $5,364

I've spent a lot of time advertising for the Bowl-A-Thon. I basically walked up the entire hwy 7 placing flyers in businesses. Sonic is putting flyers in their to-go bags. So I'm getting the word out. Lunar Bowl is making announcements to all their bowling leagues. Melissa and I went to Lunar Bowl last night, and went lane to lane asking people to sign up for the event... I've been putting a lot of time into this.

Well... here's why I'm worried. I gave the bowling alley A LOT of money to reserve the 14 lanes. And as of now... Nobody has RSVP'd and paid.... :( I'm getting worried. Really worried. At this point, I hope I can recoup the money I invested in this. Now maybe I'm getting worried too soon... I don't know. But this blog is suppose to be a outlet for everyone to understand my feelings and thoughts as I go through this whole process... so I'm just being honest and telling you what I'm thinking. I'm worried! It scares me to think that after all the effort and time I put into this bowl-A-Thon only a few people will show up and I will lose money as apposed to earn money for St. Jude.

So I have one week left before the Bowl-A-Thon and I have to get people signed up ASAP. So this is what I'm doing. The price for the Bowl-A-Thon is no longer $25. it's...


Yep, that's right. Only $12! It normally cost $22.50 for two games and shoes on cosmic bowling night. But next Saturday anyone that wants to will be able to cosmic bowl for 3 HOURS (you can fit more than two games in!) with shoes included for less that half the normal cost. $12!!! Since I've received zero response in my first week of advertising, I'm hoping that by making this too good of a deal for everyone to pass up... I can fill the spots I reserved. What do you all think? You think it will work? I sure as heck hope so.

I'm working other avenues as well too. I spent some time tonight with my niece working on SEO for the blog. SEO is search engine optimization for those of you that don't know. I'm trying to do what I can to generate traffic. The more people that know what we're doing here the better right?!?! So a big thanks to my neice for helping with that. We have some other "marketing" things we are working on as well. I'm making a video for the 2x2 campaign I'm going to launch here in the next couple weeks. (Once the bowl-a-thon is over, that will free up a lot of time to work other items) So those are just a few of the many things we have coming your way.

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