Day 149 - $6,764

Success! Tonight we had the Give One Million Bowl-A-Thon for St. Jude at Lunar Bowl. A HUGE thanks to everyone that came out tonight. I know everyone had a great time. Especially Mr. Johnson who rolled out of there with a $80 tool set from Lowe's and two sweet tickets to the Royals/Twins game. Another funny winner was Steve. He won a weight watchers cookbook and a Blue Springs Fitness membership in the raffle. We promise Steve! It was just coincidence! We weren't trying to imply anything!

So I know you're all dying to know how much we made... And the grand total for money raised from the Bowl-A-Thon is...


We were very happy with that. I was getting pretty nervous these last few days - hoping people would even show up. I think we ended up with around 60 people attending. We pretty much filled up 12 of the 14 lanes we rented. The raffle is what really saved our bacon. It was a hit! We sold tickets for $5, and we sold a lot. Way more than we expected. We had some sweet prizes, and lots of them - so most people that bought a ticket won something.

The silent auction didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I figured that the silent auction would be a little harder of a sell. We had some pretty big ticket items for auction, and were asking for quite a bit of money for the minimum bids. I.E. Diamond Necklace - minimum bid $250. A few items I had originally as silent auction, I ended up just throwing into the raffle, because nobody bid on them. That's OK though. We earned enough money from the raffle to make us feel good about that move.

Melissa and Danielle deserve a round of applause. It was getting pretty busy checking everyone in online and setting everyone up with their lanes, etc. But they pulled it off. Danielle had her laptop there so we could accept donations right there on the spot as payment. That worked out well.

The guys at Lunar Bowl were great too. They really did a great job of helping us get this set up and helping us during the event with whatever we needed.

I think that covers most everything. I'll be posting pics and video from the event soon. Thanks again to everyone that came out. We put a lot of time into getting this set up. for the last month or so I've been spending every lunch break, and a couple hours after work going business to business or doing something to get this event pulled together. Plus the time every night after the kids go to bed. Now it's on to the next one. Stay tuned! This is only the beginning!!!

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