Day 144 - $5,450

Don't forget... the tickets for the Give One Million Bowl-A-Thon for St. Jude are now

ONLY $12!!!

When you pay in advance. They are $15 at the door. It looks like there are a bunch of people planning on coming (according to facebook). We had a few pay to reserve their spot. Don't forget to pay before Friday so you get your $12 price. I submitted some press releases today. I hope they help. If you're on facebook please invite your friends to attend. If you're not on facebook - send out a couple emails. This is ALL going to St. Jude and toward our million dollar goal. So don't be afraid to send a few emails for a good cause!

It's almost time for school to start, if it hasn't already for you/your kids. Is there a fundraiser you can do at your local school? Is there a way you can get some students involved in reaching our goal of one million in one year for St. Jude?

That's my plan. I am going to approach some of the clubs at the local High Schools to see what they can do.

We are over 300 fans now on facebook! Way to go everyone! If we can get one million fans on facebook just think of the good we can do. Keep sending those invites, and if you haven't already... Follow Give One Million on facebook!!! (P.S. Also, if you have a google account - don't forget to become a follower of this blog.) This is going to take some serious grass roots campaigning to get that many followers - so help me if you can.

We're coming up on 5 months down, and I'm still going 1000% I haven't given up in the least. I'll admit - I have my down days where I think nobody is even paying attention to me, but overall my spirits are up. I still believe we can do this. It will just take one stroke of luck, and we could go from $5,450 to $545,000. You never know. So keep doing those little fundraisers. Keep telling your friends. Keep following and reposting Give One Million info.

We can do this people! We can do this!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!


  1. DAAAAAAAAAAVE!!!!!!!! So my brilliant idea of taking pledges for my marathon is a no go. I'm so sorry. I found out at my Dr appointment today that my leg is not healing like it's supposed to and is still very fractured, so I can't run the marathon. But don't worry, I'm thinking up other ways to help. I just won't be doing that anymore. I'm so sorry. But I may be doing another race in December (if my leg heals in time enough to train) so I may do the same thing again. We'll see. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing to GIVE ONE MILLION! Best of luck!

  2. Shannon - No worries! I just hope your leg gets better. Thanks for all your doing to help - and your support. Just the fact that you are doing that is awesome. I talked with my contact at St. Jude about your question last week, and he said we would get back with me. But he hasn't... It looks like we may have a little more time now, but I'll still follow up on that. Sorry it's taking so long. Well, Thanks for everything Shannon. You guys are awesome. You should check out the discussions tab on the facebook tab. I started a discussion on brainstorming for ideas... Maybe if we get our heads together we can come up with some good ones! Get better soon. Talk to you later!