Day 3

So it’s day three and we’re still at $100. I’m not surprised though. As of right now I think there are maybe two other people in the universe that know about this “little” endeavor of mine.

That’s all about to change…

Tonight I check off the first item on my list of ways to raise money: Email friends and family. So to everyone who’s here now for the first time… welcome aboard!

Now that I’ve welcomed you, let’s get down to business. Please Donate! Please help me spread the word! And last, please check back here often - as I will definitely be needing your help and support.

Let me break it down a little more.

Donate: I may be the one asking you to donate, but please remember this is much bigger than me. I may talk about this being my goal or project or whatever, but don’t forget what this is really about: fighting cancer. I’m sure all of you have dealt with cancer personally – either with friends or family, and it’s a terrible thing. However, if we work together we can help. I may joke around and be light-hearted sometimes through this process – but don’t let that mislead you regarding how truly serious I am about this.

Those you that know me; know that I’m a goofball 90% of the time – but the 10% serious Dave had to come out there for a minute to make things perfectly clear.

Now moving on… Just give something. It can be $5 dollars, it can be $500 (maybe you’re filthy rich or have filthy rich friends: it can be $50,000) – just give something. It’s simple to do, so you have no excuse not to donate. Just follow the directions in the previous post.

Spread the word: This is an especially important step for those of you out there that have the aforementioned filthy rich friends. OK, I’m kidding – this is important for everyone. (But if you do know someone that burns benjamins in the fireplace to stay warm on a cold day it wouldn’t hurt… I’m just saying…) So if you got an email to come here, pass it on to everyone on your contact list. And regardless of if you got an email or not just tell all of your co-corkers. Tell everyone at church. Tell that weird uncle that pulls a quarter out of your ear at family reunions and tells you not to spend it all in one place. Tell your kids. (Have you seen how fast they can text???) Tell Everyone!

Maybe you can send the link to this blog to one person a day. Maybe you can post a link to this blog on your blog. (There will be more to come in future posts on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc, but you can get started now.) Maybe you can use this as an excuse to call an old friend. Just do what you can to get the word out:

Check back often: Trust me, I’m going to be up to a lot in the upcoming year. As of right now I have a list of 26 things to do in order to reach one million dollars in one year. Everything from posting videos on YouTube to organizing a pancake breakfast charity event. And I’m sure I’ll come up with about 10 more ideas every day. So what I’m saying, is I will need help and support – And plus it may be somewhat entertaining to see “what crazy idea David has now”. Or to read the blog posts chronicling the failures and successes as we strive for one million in one year to help fight childhood cancer. And most important – the more you come back, the more chances I have to talk you into donating! (or donating again)

Well, it’s getting late, so I think that’s enough for day 3.

Talk Soon,



Remember how I said there were only two people that knew about this website??? One happens to be my wife, and the other happens to sit next to me at work. Needless to say, each of them listen to me flap my gums for approximately 8 hours a day. Well my wife obviously supports me in everything I do, and was more than by my side in donating our first $100 – but now we have our official number two donation!!! We are at $150 now – Major props to my awesome co-worker for being the first to donate Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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