Day 5

I changed the "Click Here To Donate" link at the top right of the blog. I think it looks a little cooler now...

Now that friends and family have been sent the email, I'll be moving on to my next ideas to get some traffic coming to see what I'm up to. I was doing some more calculations again today, and I'm starting to realize this is going to be a lofty goal to achieve. I knew it would be hard, but my eyes have been opened a little bit. If I average $150 every 5 days (which has been the going average so far...), I would only have $10,950 in one year. That's a long way from $1,000,000. Does that scare me a little... yes. Does it discourage me... No. I have plenty more ideas up my sleeve. Remember, it's only day 5. I still have 360 days to get $999,850. Piece of cake!

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