Day 172 - $6,774

There's always something you want. Something you need to buy. Something you have to do. Helping others is usually an afterthought. Always pushed aside. Always tomorrow.

Everyone likes a good cause, but few actually like to help.

Few are willing to act.

I made a conscious decision to change that. To not be like that... even if it's just for one year. And sometimes I feel like I'm walking a lonely path. I can't seem to get people to walk with me. To follow me. To join me.

A smart man told me I shouldn't "Should" on people. "He should do this, or he should do that." "She should be this way, or she should have helped me.". Etc.

It's hard not to do that when you feel like you're doing everything you can for something good - and it seems like nobody is even paying attention. I think a lot of people should have done a lot of stuff by now - but they haven't. I'm trying not to let it get me down. I'm trying not to think like that. I'm always trying to stay positive. I think for the most part I am. I just remember those who have helped out so much up to this point.

But we have a long way to go...

"Someone else" isn't going to donate.
"Someone else" isn't going to organize the fundraiser.
"Someone else" isn't going to send an email.
"Someone else" isn't going to tell their friends.
"Someone else" isn't going to give up their time.

YOU have to do it. I need YOUR help!

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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