Day 170 - $6,774

The half way mark is fast approaching...

You might be thinking to yourself, "$6,774 is nowhere near one million dollars David!"

Well... To be honest, I'm thinking the same thing. But that's no reason to quit! I'm still working at Give One Million just as much as I was on day one.... Just ask my wife and kids. I know that if I don't keep working 100% - I can't expect others to keep working with me. I see this as a no fail goal. We can't fail... No matter what the outcome is... I think the world, and more specifically the kids at St. Jude are better off becuase of what we've done no matter the amount.

Just keep in mind... All it takes is one big break. One Donation. To take this goal from something that seems unacheivable, to actually reaching our goal of one million in one year for St. Jude.

I spoke with the Assistant Manager at Hy-Vee today. I think I will be able to set up a donation table there next Saturday. It's not for sure, but It's looking good.

There is one thing everyone can do for me. Send emails. Send them to your family, your friends, and everyone you know. Ask them to donate.

Help me reach one million in one year. Donate now!

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