Day 365 - $25,033

Well... that's all folks. The final number as of one year was $25,033! (We actually have a couple checks still coming to us from fundraisers we did in March that will hit the account so it will end up being a couple hundred dollars more... but that's the number as of now.)

One year flew by pretty dang quick! I can't believe it's over. Everyone keeps asking me, "what are you going to do with Give One Million once the year is up?"

Well I have some ideas, but I haven't really come to a conclusion yet. I do know I'm not going to just quit cold turkey! There are a couple opportunities for fundraisers that may occur in April, so we'll see what happens there... but I will say - As of right now, I won't be able to keep putting in as much time as I did throughout the year. I put a lot of personal things aside/neglected a lot of things I needed to do throughout the year because I was spending so much time doing GOM stuff. So I kind of need to give some attention to those now that GOM is over.

I'm very happy with what we accomplished this year! I learned a lot along the way. I plan to write of a summary of lessons learned from GOM for everyone. I will post it on this blog, so don't stop coming back to visit quite yet :)

I hope to have that up for you soon.

And most important: Thanks to everyone for your support this year. Especially those of you that really supported me! My wonderful Wife. Thank you for letting me spend all my free time with GOM! I know it was kind of hard on the family sometimes or you had to take on extra kid duty, stayed up with me to all hours of the night, or whatever because I was doing GOM stuff - You were there with me every night, every event, through it all - and for that, I'm very grateful! Thanks and I love you!

Thanks to my kids! They are the best thing in my life. I love them more than anything. They were there with me through all this too. J and Tiny... Thank you!

My family! Mom and Dad... A Huge thank you for everything you did. You have always supported me with everything I do - and this was no different. It means so much to have such great parents. You did a ton too! They were responsible for a large portion of what we raised - so I want to really say thank you to you Mom and Dad! Also my Sisters and Brother. You have been there through all of this too! Donating time and money. I knew my family would support me in this... but when it actually happened - and you really did stand with me. I really made me feel like a very lucky guy to have such good sisters and brother! Thanks for everything you did!

And last - thanks to my very supportive friends! You know who you are! There are a few of you out there that really supported me through this last year. When times got tuff, and it seemed like not too many people were listening - Some of my best friends and supporters were there to keep me going. Thank you!

So that's all for now... but that's not all. I'll be posting lessons learned, and let you know about anything else going on, and the future of GOM.

Thanks again to everyone!

Talk Soon,


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