Day 337 - $18,734

OK everyone. Now is the time for our last push to reach our goal. We have less than a month left to reach one million dollars so if you are going to organize a GOM event - now is the time to start planning. Remember!!! March 25th is the cutoff. If you're going to send emails to friends, now is the time. If you are going to invite all your facebook friends, now is the time. If you are going to donate - or have your family/friends donate, now is the time. Come on everyone... we've raised almost $2ok!!! Let's not stop there! Let's reach one million just like we set out to do.

OK. So here's a challenge.... I'm working on a Give One Million for St. Jude video right now. I think most of you know that. You've probably seen all my other videos I have posted on Youtube as well right? Well... now it's your turn. For this last month everyone out there make a video telling the world about Give One Million and how we're trying to raise one million dollars in one year for the kids of St. Jude. Ask them to donate. Ask them to help. Ask them to make a video and pass yours along. Make it funny. Make it serious. Have it be just you. Make it with a bunch of friends. Anything (appropriate) goes. Just make the video and send it to me (by March 15th - the sooner the better). I'll then post it here on this blog, on FB, and post it on the GOM Youtube Channel too. Let's flood the internet with GOM videos and reach our goal!

Send videos to

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P.S. If you have a youtube account... subscribe to the GOM Youtube Channel!! :)

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