Day 335 - $18,734

OK... so I'm pretty ticked off right now! As you know, I've been working on my latest GOM video the last few days (week). Well - the video editing software I use is Cyberlink Power Director Version 8. I don't intend to not speak well of anybody/company... but I have to say this: DO NOT USE Power Director! I spent $70 on it. With the sole intent to make GOM videos - and I have not been impressed. multiple problems all the time. Not easy to use. I've been very disappointed. This is the latest problem I'm having. Except the answer given isn't really a real solution!! I spent about 3 hours last night trying to fix this without luck. I googled and read every thread on the Internet... about ten times. I downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. I updated the latest patches from Power Director. Anyway - the reason I'm so ticked off is because I'm going to have to start over from scratch, and that means about 15 hours of editing down the drain! Whatever!

So I'm going to get some new/different software tomorrow, and hopefully we can get this video out before the end of the month.

Sorry to sound so negative... It's just a little frustrating.

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