Day 325 - $18,708

Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. If you remember... one year ago on that day is when the idea of Give One Million was born. And now over 700 Facebook fans (Hallelujah!!!), 5 Twitter followers (the whole Twitter thing didn't take off quite how I hoped...) almost $19k raised, a few fundraisers, and a couple Youtube videos later... here we are! Not too bad. We're not at a million yet - but we haven't stopped trying.

So we actually have quite a few things we're working on.... Ma Feldman has a bunch of things planned in Idaho - so for all the Idaho Give One Millionaires, stay tuned for that. I'm just trying to finish up this video I'm working on. We will be filming on Friday and Saturday. I'm working on getting extras, and actually landed a couple today... but I still need about 20 more. I wrote the Story Board tonight, and I'll be tweaking that throughout the week. Once we wrap filming on Saturday - I'm guessing it will take a week or so of editing to get it out. I'm not really trying to build this video up... I'm just talking about it a lot because that's really the main thing I'm working at the moment - so that's what's on my mind. hopefully since I'm talking about it so much, it turns out good.

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